The Dragon’s Den

Compared to other venture capitalists, Slimme Jongens has a complete different view on the business world. They will offer you the possibility to come by and pitch your business idea to their panel of experts. The progressive way of looking at investment ideas, combined with a considerable amount of knowledge and experience from their side, can turn every project to a success.

This is how the Dragon’s Den works; first you will bring your business idea to the table. Presenting your idea infront of a panel of five millionairs, who are only interested in innovative and profitable concepts. Slimme Jongens will decide on the chance of success and the investment possibilities on their side. Make or Break are the only possibilities available in the Dragon’s Den. If they are enthusiastic about your business idea, you will receive the accompaniment and capital you need to succeed in the business world. The appointment is completely non-committal. Do you think you have the one million dollar idea? Send them your Investment plan and they will decide on inviting you over to the Dragon’s Den.

Every three months Slimme Jongens organize the Dragon’s Den event, to where they come together and hear out the best business ideas. Next to three partners of Slimme Jongens, they will also invite two different millionaires each quarter that will accompany them in the business panel. Send in your business idea, and they will review it. If they are interested in hearing out your business idea, they will invite you to their Dragon’s Den!