Schelte Meinsma

A growing amount of investors and entrepreneurs are taking their chances in the world of Online Business. Where Internet was first thought to be a difficult medium to operate on, it is now being used excessively by companies in future prospects of significantly enhancing their profits.

Now that everyone is starting to understanding the potential of Online Business, it is becoming more and more saturated. The rules of the game are changing, and Google plays a big part in this by making it more difficult for the private sector to benefit from the online world. Questions that are relevant right now is; ‘How do you generate income from the internet and how do you attract the right online customer’.

A website alone is not a enough, knowing the statistics of your visitors and using this knowledge to your advantage makes it possible to optimalize your results. Online entrepreneur Schelte Meinsma can show you the tricks of the game when it comes to Online Business. Showing how you can use your website statistics to your best advantage, and maximize your earnings through the internet. From the age of 17, Schelte started building online businesses ande helping over more than 70 firms building an immense turnover.

He is currently CEO and founder of DBK, which applies this formula to a great extent. He has assisted several large firms in increasing their online revenue by changing their online marketing strategy. He is best described as an ambitious entrepreneur who has gathered a tremendous amount of experience over the year. ANWB, KPN, Transavia, WestCord Hotels, Noordhoff Uitgevers, Sanoma Media and dozens other smaller firms were helped by Schelte turning their Online Business strategy to a success!

Next to his activities at DBK, he also wrote a book about Fact Based Marketing, is a lecturer at LECTRIC and the RUG. Besides students, he also gives trainings and strategic consulting to ambitious firms that are interested in Fact Based Marketing. Schelte Meinsma is considered a entrepreneurial giant, especially when it comes to Online Business.


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