Celebs is a platform where search for clothing and travels that are coupled to celebrities. We search on TV shows and social media to what our Dutch celebrities are up to today, and we offer people the opportunity to buy the products that are worn by the BN’ers. We either offer the real products or look-a-likes to our website visitors. Everyday we upload new products!

Celebs works with affiliate marketing, where we upload products that offer people the opportunity to buy them online. We redirect the visitors from our website to websites like bijenkorf.nl, wehkamp.nl or ASOS.com, to the products that are worn. When they are redirected, we drop a cookie in their browser. Whenever a purchase is happening on one of our affiliate websites, we receive a commission of around 7 percent to the entire purchasing price paid.

Strong media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram help us make our visitors aware of the great products of our Dutch Celebrities. We offer them the possibility to wear those products, and buy them online.

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